Supporting people affected by cancer to live well through coaching

The Cancer Coaching Community is setup as a Trade Association. 
Our objectives are: 

1. To increase awareness of and promote the cancer coaching profession and cancer coaching as a valued intervention for people affected by cancer.

2. To develop the cancer coaching profession to ensure cancer coaches work to the highest professional and ethical standard.

3. To develop the trade environment for the cancer coaching profession and cancer coaches.

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The Cancer Coaching Community (CCC) is a newly founded community in the UK of professional coaches who coach people affected by cancer, to support them to move forward from their cancer experience. 


What’s unique about this group is that ALL coaches have direct or indirect cancer experience and have a wide knowledge and understanding about the impact of cancer.


By coaching we mean  providing a holistic blend of coaching support, enabling individuals to deal successfully with the impact of cancer on their lives and to move forward from it in the way they need.

All  CCC coaches:
 - Have completed a Coaching training
 - Have a profound knowledge and understanding of the impact of cancer on people’s lives
 - Are passionate about supporting people affected by cancer
 - Are a member of ICF, EMCC or AC and observes their competencies and ethics
 - Have an insurance and 1-1 supervision.