Thank you for you interest in joining the Cancer Coaching Community

On this page you'll find information about:

  1. Our admission criteria

  2. The benefits of being a member

  3. The application process

  4. Joining fees


1. The Cancer Coaching Community holds the following admissions criteria and want to make sure that our new coaches:

  • Are motivated to join the CCC

  • Are at least 2 years beyond finishing active treatment when you have been affected by cancer (direct or indirect as e.g. a carer)

  • Have significant knowledge, understanding and experience of the impact of cancer on people’s life

  • Have completed a relevant, accredited coaching training and experience (Accredited by ICF/EMCC/AC or ILM levels 5-7)

  • Are in supervision

  • Have a Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Have safeguarding policy /ways of working described


2. The benefits of being a member of the Cancer Coaching Community are:

  1. You will be part of the CCC as a focal point to help to put the profession of Cancer Coach on the map within the UK

  2. You will be part of a larger community with a shared passion & purpose

  3. You will be part of a larger community of cancer coaching expertise & experience

  4. You will be allowed to use the trademarked CCC logo in your own coaching practice and on your website (more information can be found in our T&C how you can use the CCC Intellectual Property)

  5. You have the ability to contribute to our CCC Newsletters that is reaching a large number of stakeholders in the field of cancer and health & wellbeing (government, profit & non-profit organisations, coaching organisations and research bodies,), exposing your knowledge and expertise

  6. You have access to yearly internal learning exchange events (e.g. using case studies)

  7. You have access to/contribute to CCC events/activities promoting Cancer Coaching to our stakeholders

  8. You have the ability to become a committee member to help manage the CCC and to further shape and steer CCC ‘s future direction and development

  9. Your profile will be promoted through the CCC website (including a full profile page and your location, postcode only)

  10. You will be part of the only national UK organisation that champions cancer coaching for all those affected by cancer

  11. You are part of a pool of Cancer Coaches available to:

  • sign-up for larg(er) projects/clients

  • contribute/participate in research

  • be consulted for knowledge/experience

  • organise your own local CCC event(s)


3. The application process for new members is a follows: 

Screenshot 2018-05-18 13.11.48.png


4. The cost of membership is a one-off joining fee of £100 plus the annual subscription. The subscription scale is based on company turnover or budget:

Under £50,000:                         £ 200

£50,000 - £75,000:                   £ 250

£75,000 - £100,000:                 £ 300

£100,000 - £250,000:               £ 500

£250,000 - £500,000:              £ 1,000

£500,000 - £1,000,000:           £ 2,000

Over £1,000,000:                     £ 3,000


If you would like to apply, please download our application form here (coming soon) and return it by emailing it to