meet eva vohlidkova


Eva is an accredited transformational coach (ICF ACC) and a psychologist. Her previous experience is as a clinical psychologist and therapist in healthcare, mental health and wellbeing. She is excited about finding ways of using coaching in health and wellbeing area. Eva also coaches young professionals, people looking for work or changing careers and offers relocation support to expatriates.

When Eva’s mum was diagnosed with cancer, her family did not handle the situation very well. This was long time ago when people were not talking openly about cancer as much as they are now. That is why Eva is passionate about supporting carers. Carers often do not recognize that they need support, too. Coaching offers them tools for coping with practicalities, for self-care, also for those difficult conversations that need to happen.

Eva was born in the country that does not exist anymore – Czechoslovakia, raised during communist regime, she lived in Slovakia, the USA and now lives in the UK. She is also a qualified translator (CIoL) and interpreter.



Phone: 07517 777354