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Support for panic after cancer

Mental health issues are more likely to be diagnosed in people following a cancer experience. Anxiety, and particularly panic, are common amongst cancer patients and can occur in their lives even when they’re moving forward from the experience.

Emily Hodge, a founding member of the CCC, provides guidance on understanding panic and how to support yourself before, during and after a panic episode in this exclusive live video.

Date:  Wednesday 19th April
Timings: 6-6.30pm
Location: Online – via closed (private) facebook group

How to register

To watch this live support session, you’ll need to be a member of the moving forward from cancer facebook group which is run by Emily Hodge exclusively for people affected by cancer.

You can request to join anytime here and Emily will approve you:

If you can’t make the date of this video, by joining the group you will have access to all the recordings.