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Cancer Coaching Seminar


As we live longer, and as medical treatment improves, more of us will get cancer and more of us will survive cancer for longer.  The number of people who live under the shadow of cancer is therefore growing and will continue to grow. 

Cancer coaching is a holistic blend of coaching methodology and support, enabling individuals to deal successfully with the impact of cancer on their lives and to move forward from it in the way that is right for them.

Cancer coaching is a new field.  I’m one of the founder members of the Cancer Coaching Community, which formed in UK in 2017.  The Cancer Coaching Community’s vision is to be the UK organisation that champions coaching for people affected by cancer, to support them to move forward from their cancer experience.

Cancer coaching can help with your attitude to your cancer, which is key to your wellbeing.  The mental dimension of cancer is as important as the physical.  We can choose to embrace the opportunity to re-prioritise our life and live more joyfully.  The paradox here is that some people are happier with cancer than they were before they had cancer.

Place: Well Natural, Queen Street, Salisbury, SP1 1EY

Time: 6pm to 7pm

Date: Thursday 01 February 2018

FREE – please book your space in-store, or call 01722335965, or by visiting

For more information about this talk, please contact the speaker Ross Nichols.