meet isabel van der Ven

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Originally Dutch, Isabel lives and works as a life coach in Winchester.

With an engineering background in Geographical Information Systems and Cartography, she’s been working for 20 years in both commercial and non-profit (IT) industry in a diversity of roles: sales, consultancy, HR and project & programme management

In 2003 Isabel was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer, which marked a major turning point in her life. This is when she discovered the power of coaching that helped her to re-assess her life and to find a new life-balance.
Subsequently, in 2006, Isabel trained as a life coach at the Coaches’ Training Institute and set up her coaching practice.

Returning to work has been the biggest challenge for Isabel after her cancer diagnosis and treatment, and in joining Working With Cancer Isabel is using that experience, together with her coaching skills and business background to make a difference to people affected by cancer facing a similar challenge.

Isabel is also working as a CIPD qualified trainer, providing courses within the local community.

“She used to map the world, she now helps people to map their lives.”



Phone: 079017 35207